Find Your Village

It’s been almost a month since my diabetes diagnosis. I’m finally adjusting to what is the new normal for me. Everyday I walk a mile indoors and outdoors for 30-35 minutes each day. I’m currently on a low carb/high fat diet where I eat under 50 carbs a day. I’ve been taking time off from my business to care for myself. So far, I have crushing my goals. My blood sugars are finally in range and I find myself getting stronger everyday.

I thank God for blessing me with not only the strength to endure this, but also with my village. My village consists of my husband, my children, my mom, my dad and my siblings. My husband is my rock. He has been my sounding board, my protector, my personal chef when I had been too tired to cook. He’s prayed for me and loved me through it all. He, along with my children are the reasons why I wake up each morning and fight!

My mom and dad have been there to listen to my struggles when hubby has to provide for the family. My mom is a nurse so she educates me on the medical aspects and she has prayed for me. My dad and one of my sisters also have diabetes and it has been so comforting to be able to talk to them and keep each other accountable.

Also in my village there are my sister friends which are so many that I cannot name personally in this post, but my 20+ sister friends have prayed and interceded for me when I could not pray for myself.

Lastly, I have an amazing online support group that motivates me daily with this new way of eating. We motivate and encourage each other. We cheer each other whenever someone has reached a goal.

I truly believe if not for this village, I would not get as far as I’ve gotten.

Do you currently have a village? Tell us about your village in the comments below.

For those who do not, take heed of this advice:

Friends, find yourself a village.

It does not have to be large. Start with your family, a spouse, your children or your parents. A best friend. If you don’t have family or close friends then step out of your comfort zone and join a support group. You can start by finding a local support group that your hospital or medical center offers or a national chapter of the American Diabetes Association. There are also numerous online support groups on social media sites like Facebook, Yahoo Groups or blogs like this one.

This journey is never meant to be fought on your own. Having a village will help prevent you from experiencing diabetes depression and distress. Having diabetes can be very lonely and stressful enough, why battle alone?

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