Joy In the Midst of the Storm

It’s been a little over 4 months since being diagnosed with diabetes. Even though it has only been a short amount of time, I feel that I’ve been battling this longer. I’ve learned so much from knowledge from not only diabetes itself, but just the purpose of taking care of your body, what you’re putting into your body and learning what I am able to do and not do. This journey has especially taught me how to still have joy despite what I’ve been and still going through.

What brings me joy? God’s grace! The fact that I am still alive- I have all of my limbs, my organs are still in tact. I have some rough moments at times, but God has given me the strength to make it through each and everyday. That alone is a blessing. I read so many stories from people in my online diabetes support group of family members and at times themselves suffering from this ongoing disease. Count everyday you wake up as a blessing and use this as another opportunity to do things right.

My family and friends also bring me joy. I’ve mentioned how they have supported me throughout this journey in a previous post, but they are my motivations to keep fighting.

The other thing and the most surprising thing that brings me joy is cooking!

It’s very surprising being that diet is a huge component of diabetes. I have to avoid all sugar and white breads, starches and stay on a strict diet, etc. etc.

While this is true in my case, this strict low carb and healthy fat way of eating encourages me to be creative. Eating the same foods each and everyday can get very mundane and if you plan to do this type of diet long term, it can get very old really quickly. A few weeks after being diagnosed, I’ve started getting creative by researching alternatives for foods that I’ve enjoyed over the years like Chinese foods and soul food, find ingredients that are complaint to my diet and cook as I would with any other meal.

The final product? Beautiful culinary foods that actually taste what real food should taste:

Chicken Alfredo with Homemade Egg Noodles
Butter Chicken with Cauliflower Rice
Chicken Stir-Fry with Broccoli and Onions

A few weeks later, I’ve started sharing images of my meals on my personal social media pages, including my online diabetic support group and found that people were impressed. People started to ask more about the recipes and some even requested for me to help them cook or prepare meals. What many don’t was that I posted the pictures to motivate myself. Little do they know, I’m still learning. Many of the meals posted were meals that I’ve created for the very first time. I can only credit God for blessing the work of my hands to be able to using cooking as a way to heal and help encourage others on this same journey. I find great joy that God is using me this way.

I have decided to continue helping people and do my part to help others fight diabetes through food by sharing recipes and other tips on this blog and the Genetic Diabetic social media pages. I want you to be able to see exactly what I do to fight diabetes each day because diabetes never takes a holiday.

What your brings you joy in the midst of a storm? Is it faith, a hobby, a loved one? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Friends, thank you for taking the time in reading about my journey so far. I hope that my story will encourage you to take charge of your own health. If I have been able to help one person, then I know that this journey is worth it.

Until next time,

The Genetic Diabetic

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