Where Is Keto? Website Review

Are you diabetic and eating low carb or keto?

I find it challenging to find good options whenever I run errands or whenever out family travels. Therefore, I either eat before I leave, pack small snacks and/or simple meals or wait until we get home to cook. However, if you’re out and need to find something to eat without going over your daily carbs, then the Where Is Keto? website might be a decent travel resource for you!

Where Is Keto? is an interactive map that allows you to find food stores and restaurants in your neighborhood by searching zip code and find all of the low carb/keto options available for each store and restaurant. The options include the nutrition information and offers suggestions in making the menu item keto.

One of the cons include the website not being able to find options other than major stores and restaurants. In addition, the restaurants and stores listed provided very limited options. But overall, it’s a very decent website and with a little more work put into it, Where Is Keto? can be an extremely useful resource for those on the go.


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