Change the Narrative

It’s time to practice what I preach.

Starting as young teen and beyond, I’ve observed several family members battling many different illnesses, including diabetes.

Watching my grandmother injecting insulin in herself daily.

Witnessing my uncle losing another finger and leg because of diabetes.

Receiving phone calls about my dad, great-aunt, great-uncle and cousins being transported to the hospital because of diabetic complications.

Receiving calls about my dad falling numerous times.

Listening to my sisters battles with medical professionals and insurance companies about receiving proper treatments.

I’ve watched the health decline of many of my family members, from being independent to suddenly needing dialysis, going blind and even worse, losing fingers, legs and toes to this horrible disease. These painful memories are etched in my mind and serve as reminders as I continue to go through my own battle with diabetes that I cannot give up. I cannot cheat with exercise and diet. There’s so much more life to live.

I have a family that needs a wife and mom. A community that needs to hear my voice and tell my story.

This is what keeps me going even when it hurts. Whenever the feelings of isolation and anger creep into my mind, memories of my why begin to overtake my thoughts.

For the last several months, I’ve been contemplating my purpose and vision for this blog. I’ve started this blog to share the message to people who are at their lowest due to this disease, that it’s ok to feel the feelings that they feel, but not to stay in that despair.

Lately I’ve been feeling the urge to share more about the things that we are trying to instill to our children so they will not have to go through what I and numerous family members have to go through with diabetes.
As I’m sitting outside watching my 11, 9-and-and 6-year-old play at a local park, I’m thinking about their future and well-being and I’m so concerned.

Our family stays very busy. My husband works long hours in the technology field; I am a work-at-home mom who co-runs an organization along with running another youth business and serving on the PTA.

And as many of you might have or are currently experiencing, our family’s eating habits are not the best and not the same as me. Even though I’ve made huge lifestyle changes, my family is not quite there yet. I’m scared because I don’t want to wait until it’s too late to change the narrative. I want different for our kids. I want them at their healthiest, so they do whatever God wants them to do. The current way is not working and we have to make changes now.

So in addition to sharing my experiences as a type 2 diabetic, I will also start sharing content about my family’s new health journey. Even though diabetes runs on both sides of their family, we have a chance to end the family stigma of type 2 diabetes with our children by changing the family’s eating habits and implementing more family exercise routines.

I’ll be sharing more food recipes and information about youth and diabetes and tips on how to get your own family involved.

I pray that the new direction of this blog will help inspire you to change the narrative for yourself and your family.

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  1. Bless your generous heart CJ for wanting, needing to share your continuing story with diabetes. Your family photo is all the reason in the world to pursue your goals of keeping it real for the rest of us, whether we ourselves have diabetes or care for or about someone who does! Thank you.

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