When I Speak

I speak for you. I speak for me.

When I speak,

I speak in a language that only some can understand

An interpreter for the scared

The lonely,

The desperate,

The truth seekers 

Trying to navigate this forgotten world of chronic disease.

When I speak I speak about the difficulties that I face with this illness

The roller coaster of emotions

The deep frustrations of not being fully heard

By doctors,

By insurance companies,

By family,

And friends.

When I speak, 

I speak about the disparities of health care

How one person has to pay so much

Another pays none 

Treatment should be an equilibrium 

Quality service,

Affordable cost 

For all:



And in-between,

No middleman

Constantly hijacking our wallets.

When I speak, 

I speak about the frustrations of those who are conflicted on how to treat this illness using the proper diet

Gurus of Mediterranean, Low Carb, Paleo, Keto and Vegan

Promoting confusion

Forcing many to choose sides-

Just agree to do away with the ultra processed


Pesticide-laced GMO,

Ingredients we can’t pronounce

And choose the foods that specifically work for us 

Without condemnation, 


And starvation.

When I speak,

I speak against the companies and organizations 

Promoting the very thing

That put millions in hospitals,

Millions more in their graves

Through their fatal contributions 

Using human sacrifices 

Paid with blood

Paid in full.

When I speak,

I speak for the unspeakable 

Those who cannot speak for themselves;

I speak for you; 

I speak for me

Until the day we will be heard. 

But for now,

My voice will assemble a continuous forte

An ear-splitting,

Thunderous noise

When I speak.

Until Next Time,

The Genetic Diabetic

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