Huge Win for the US Diabetes Community!

If you’re a diabetic on Medicare, then this news is for you!

This story just popped up on my Facebook newsfeed and I’ve decided to do a quick blog post about the announcement. I will discuss this further next week! The following comes directly from the Center of Medicare Services:

“Medicare has permanently eliminated the 4 times-a-day testing requirement to qualify for a CGM. This long-time barrier to CGM access will be permanently removed on July 18, 2021! The removal of this criterion has been an effort long-led by the ADA, on which we have been actively engaged with CMS.

PWD on Medicare will now be able to more easily access this critical piece of technology, leading to better diabetes management and better health outcomes. A big win for the diabetes community!”

The full local coverage determination (LCD) may be found here:

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The Genetic Diabetic

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