What Is Your Exercise Personality?

Are you driven more by habits or motivation?

How do you describe your current exercise routine? Do you tend to stay committed or do you find having a difficult time just scheduling time to exercise? Do you get easily discouraged?

When I was diagnosed with diabetes, my mom taught me one of the most important tips for treating diabetes: walk everyday. Each morning before breakfast, I wake up and walk for 35-40 minutes a day, which equates to 3500-4000 steps a day or 1.5 to two miles. If I had a meeting or trip to attend, I would wake up earlier in the morning and get my steps in. During my kids’ school year, I also wake up between 4:00-6:00 AM to walk.

No matter what situation pops up, I always make time to exercise. There are times when I just want to sleep in longer, especially if it is a school day for my kids, but I’m motivated by my willingness to get my walking done on time and then I would achieve my steps for the day. My family is well aware of how my day runs and they sometimes take some time to walk with me.

Two years later, I am still committed to this regime with no plans of stopping. My A1C results is a major factor that motivates me to keep going.

I’ve recently worked with Dr. Char Counseling from Nashville to create a quiz to help determine what your exercise personality! This is a five minute quiz that will help you answer the following:

Are you driven more by habits, or by motivation?

How do factors like family and friends support, stress, and your environment impact your exercise routine?

Should you be looking for more motivation, or be focusing on habits?

After taking the quiz myself, I’ve found out that I am motivationally driven due to my willingness to intentionally exercise everyday and not allowing myself to be deterred by any situation.

What is your exercise personality? Take our quiz below and share your results in the comments!

Take the quiz here: https://s.surveyanyplace.com/exercisepersonality/?cf3=thegeneticdiabeticblog

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